4 1 “That time of judgment is coming. It will be like a hot furnace. All those proud people will be punished. All those evil people will burn like straw. At that time, they will be like a bush burning in the fire—and there will not be a branch or root left.” The Lord All-Powerful said these things. 2 “But, for my followers, goodness will shine on you like the rising sun. And it will bring healing power like the sun’s rays. You will be free and happy, like calves freed from their stalls. 3 Then you will walk on those evil people—they will be like ashes under your feet. I will make those things happen at that time of judgment.” The Lord All-Powerful said these things! 4 “Remember and obey the law of Moses. Moses was my servant. I gave those laws and rules to him at Mount Horeb ˻(Sinai)˼. Those laws are for all the people of Israel.” 5 ˻The Lord said,˼ “Look, I will send Elijah the prophet to you. He will come before that great and terrible time of judgment from the Lord. 6 Elijah will help the parents become close to their children. And he will help the children become close to their parents. This must happen, or I ˻(God)˼ will come and completely destroy your country!”